Maruti Suzuki TOUR Range Achieves 500,000 Sales Milestone

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Maruti Suzuki, a prominent player in the commercial vehicle market, celebrates a significant achievement as its Maruti Suzuki TOUR range surpasses the remarkable milestone of 500,000 sales in India. This accomplishment underscores the TOUR range’s pivotal role in meeting the diverse needs of commercial users across the country, offering an array of vehicles tailored to various applications.

Maruti Suzuki TOUR Range Achieves 500,000 Sales Milestone

Maruti Suzuki TOUR: Transforming Commercial Mobility: A Testament to Success

The TOUR range, meticulously crafted to cater to the evolving demands of the commercial vehicle sector, has emerged as a trusted ally for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Mr. Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing and Sales at Maruti Suzuki India Limited, acknowledges the TOUR range’s contribution to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, facilitating seamless operations, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Diverse Portfolio, Unparalleled Performance

With a diverse lineup encompassing hatchbacks, sedans, MUVs, and vans, the TOUR range caters to a broad spectrum of commercial requirements. Noteworthy additions to the lineup include the Tour H3 and Tour H1 hatchback models, along with refreshed versions of the Tour S sedan and Tour V van, introduced over the past two years. The Tour S sedan leads the pack, followed closely by the Tour H3 and Tour M MPV variants.

Meeting Sustainability Goals: Embracing CNG Powertrain

In alignment with environmental sustainability goals, Maruti Suzuki offers the option of a CNG powertrain across its TOUR range, facilitating reduced emissions and operational costs for users. This forward-thinking approach not only enhances the economic viability of the vehicles but also underscores the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Accessibility and Affordability: Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance Program

To further bolster accessibility, Maruti Suzuki provides convenient financing options through its Smart Finance program, enabling aspiring taxi owners to acquire TOUR vehicles at attractive interest rates. With flexible financing solutions tailored to individual needs, prospective buyers can embark on their journey into fleet management with ease.

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Pioneering Technology for Safe and Efficient Operations

Maruti Suzuki remains at the forefront of innovation by integrating advanced technology into its TOUR range vehicles. Essential features such as speed limiting systems ensure adherence to government regulations, promoting safe and efficient operations within the commercial vehicle sector.

A Legacy of Excellence

As the TOUR range celebrates its milestone achievement, Maruti Suzuki reaffirms its commitment to driving excellence in the commercial vehicle segment. With a focus on customer satisfaction, technological innovation, and environmental stewardship, Maruti Suzuki continues to redefine the standards of commercial mobility in India.

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