Castrol India Unveils ‘Castrol Activ Scan and Win’ Contest to Fulfill Mechanics’ and Consumers’ Aspirations

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Castrol India Limited, renowned for its high-quality lubricants, has introduced an enticing competition, the ‘Castrol Activ Scan & Win’ contest, offering lucrative prizes to mechanics and consumers. This innovative initiative provides participants with the chance to win exciting rewards, including SUVs, motorcycles, mobile phones, e-commerce vouchers, and more. The contest is active from January to March 2024 and is applicable to Castrol Activ products sold by authorized dealers and shops nationwide, excluding Tamil Nadu.

Castrol India Unveils ‘Castrol Activ Scan & Win’ Contest to Fulfill Mechanics' and Consumers' Aspirations

Spearheading Digital Engagement: Castrol’s Fast Scan App

The heart of the contest lies in Castrol’s Fast Scan App, a digital platform tailored for mechanics, retailers, and consumers. Upon purchasing Castrol Activ products, customers collect coupons from the packaging and scan them using the Fast Scan App. This user-friendly interface instantly reveals winning prizes or credits the user’s account with monetary incentives, enhancing engagement and excitement.

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Empowering Mechanics and Consumers

Mr. Rohit Talwar, Vice President and Head of Marketing at Castrol India Limited, expressed his commitment to empowering consumers and fulfilling their aspirations through innovative initiatives like the ‘Castrol Activ Scan & Win’ contest. The program aims to bring joy to mechanics and customers alike, fostering positive responses across India.

Success Stories: Celebrating Winners’ Achievements

More than 1400 individuals have already claimed fantastic prizes through the ‘Castrol Activ Scan & Win’ competition. Somnath Dutta, a thrilled winner from North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, expressed his joy at winning the top prize—a brand new SUV. His story resonates with many, as owning a vehicle transforms from a distant dream to a tangible reality, thanks to Castrol India’s initiative.

Exciting Prizes Await: Overview of Offered Incentives

Castrol India is set to offer a multitude of exciting prizes to contest winners, including three SUV cars, 100 motorcycles, 200 mobile phones, and 5000 e-commerce vouchers. These enticing rewards aim to recognize and appreciate the contributions of mechanics and consumers, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

Driving Participation: Contest Duration and Eligibility

Running until the end of March 2024, the ‘Castrol Activ Scan & Win’ contest provides ample time for participants to join in the excitement and stand a chance to win coveted prizes. Eligible products are available nationwide, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for mechanics and consumers from all backgrounds.

Impact and Future Prospects: Promoting Brand Loyalty

With its innovative approach and rewarding experiences, the ‘Castrol Activ Scan & Win’ contest has garnered widespread acclaim and engagement. As Castrol India looks ahead, the company remains committed to expanding its offerings and delivering value to its stakeholders, driving sustained growth and brand loyalty in the lubricant industry.

Celebrating Success and Encouraging Participation

As the ‘Castrol Activ Scan & Win’ contest continues to unfold, Castrol India celebrates the success of its initiative in bringing joy and excitement to mechanics and consumers nationwide. By providing unique opportunities and valuable rewards, the contest reinforces Castrol India’s commitment to enriching lives and fostering positive experiences for all stakeholders.

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