Urgent Advisory for Paytm FASTag Users: Transition to Bank-issued FASTags by March 15

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Key Highlights:
  • Paytm FASTag users must transition to bank-issued FASTags by March 15.
  • Failure to switch will result in toll payment disruptions and potential double charges.
  • NHAI has issued a warning advising users to close their Paytm FASTags promptly.
  • After March 15, Paytm FASTags will no longer be functional for toll payments.
  • Users are urged to close their Paytm FASTags and acquire new ones from authorized banks.

Paytm FASTag users are facing a crucial deadline as the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has mandated the transition to bank-issued FASTags by March 15, 2024. Failure to comply with this directive could lead to double toll charges and other associated inconveniences. NHAI recently removed Paytm Payments Bank from the list of official banks for FASTags, prompting the urgent need for users to obtain new FASTags from authorized banks.

NHAI Issues Advisory for Paytm FASTag Users

NHAI Advisory Highlights Impending Changes

In a recent advisory issued on March 13, NHAI emphasized the impending deadline, warning users that they would no longer be able to recharge their Paytm FASTags after March 15. While existing balances can still be utilized, users must initiate the process of obtaining a new FASTag. As per the One Vehicle, One FASTag policy, users must first close their Paytm FASTag before acquiring a new one to avoid any complications.

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Steps for Transitioning to New FASTags

1. Access the FASTag Section in the Paytm App

Users are instructed to navigate to the FASTag section within the Paytm app to initiate the closure process.

2. Close FASTag and Select Closure Reason

Upon accessing the FASTag section, users will find the option to close their Paytm FASTag. They can choose from various closure reasons based on their preference.

3. Confirmation and SMS Notification

After confirming the closure, users will receive a confirmation message via SMS, indicating the successful closure of their Paytm FASTag.

4. Refund Process

The security deposit associated with the Paytm FASTag will be refunded to the user’s Paytm wallet within a few days. Users can utilize this amount for other payments or transfer it to their bank account as needed.

New FASTag Options

For users in need of a new FASTag, a comprehensive list of authorized banks and agencies has been provided. These include Central Bank of India, HDFC Bank, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, and many more. Users can visit the respective app or website of these banks to obtain their new FASTags seamlessly.

With the impending deadline looming, Paytm FASTag users are urged to take immediate action to ensure a smooth transition to bank-issued FASTags and avoid any potential disruptions in their toll payments and travel plans.

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