Explained: Why the Maruti Suzuki FRONX is Stealing Baleno’s Spotlight? (2024)

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Maruti Suzuki has long dominated the Indian hatchback market with the Baleno, a reliable and efficient champion. But a new kid on the block, the Maruti Suzuki Fronx, is shaking things up with its bold SUV persona. Recently Maruti Suzuki FRONX SUV become fastest-selling passenger vehicle, reaching the 1 lakh milestone in just 10 months. This feat, achieved since its launch in April 2023, showcases the FRONX’s meteoric rise and its impact on the ever-evolving SUV landscape. While both vehicles share the Maruti Suzuki badge, customers are increasingly opting for the Fronx – but why? Let’s explore the reasons behind this shift in preference:

Explained: Why the Maruti Suzuki FRONX is Stealing Baleno's Spotlight
Explained: Why the Maruti Suzuki FRONX is Stealing Baleno’s Spotlight

1. The SUV Craze:

India’s love affair with SUVs shows no signs of slowing down. The Fronx capitalizes on this trend with its commanding presence, higher ground clearance, and ruggedly handsome design. It offers the versatility and spaciousness of an SUV in a compact package, perfect for navigating tight city streets and weekend getaways alike.

Maruti Suzuki Fronx vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno: Engine 

Feature Maruti Suzuki Fronx Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Engine Options 1.2L Dual Jet Dual VVT, 1.0L K-Series (Turbo) 1.2 L K-Series (CNG) 1.2L VVT
Displacement (cc) 1197, 998 1197
Max Power (bhp @ rpm) 89.73 PS@6000rpm (1.2L), 100.06 PS@5500rpm (1.0L), 77.5 Ps @6000 rpm (CNG) 89 @ 6000
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm) 113 @ 4400 (1.2L), 147.6@2000-4500 (1.0L) 113 @ 4200
Transmission Options 5-MT, 6 AT (1.2L), 5-speed Manual, 6 AT (1.0L) 5-speed Manual, 5-speed AMT
Fuel Efficiency (ARAI Mileage) 21.79 kmpl (1.2L MT), 22.89 kmpl (1.2L AT), 28.51(MT) km/kg CNG, 21.5(MT) and 20.02(AT) (1.1L ) 22.35 kmpl (MT), 21.01 kmpl (AMT)
Engine Type Petrol Petrol
Cylinder Layout 4-cylinder 4-cylinder
Cooling System Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled
Additional Features Idle Start/Stop (1.2L AT)  Available
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2. Adventure Awaits:

The Fronx whispers of uncharted roads and breathtaking landscapes. Its elevated driving position gives you a broader view of the world, while its punchy engines (1.2L and 1.5L options) promise a spirited drive. Features like connected car tech and driver assistance systems further equip you for exploring the unknown.

Maruti Suzuki FRONX SUV makes new record, sold One Lakh Cars in only 10 Months
Maruti Suzuki FRONX SUV makes new record, sold One Lakh Cars in only 10 Months

3. Tech Savvy and Feature-Rich:

While the Baleno boasts modern tech, the Fronx takes it a step further. A connected car platform puts information and control at your fingertips, while advanced driver assistance systems like cruise control and hill-hold assist add convenience and safety. The Fronx’s cabin also feels more premium, with features like dual-tone upholstery and a head-up display amplifying the driving experience.


Feature Maruti Suzuki Fronx Maruti Suzuki Baleno
Length (mm) 3,995 3,990
Width (mm) 1,765 1,745
Height (mm) 1,550 1,500
Wheelbase (mm) 2,520 2,520
Ground Clearance (mm) 190 180
Boot Space (Litres) 308 318
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 50 43
Turning Radius (m) 5.2 5.4

Maruti Suzuki FRONX SUV makes new record, One Lakh Cars sold in only 10 Months

4. A Fresh Face:

The Baleno, while a beloved classic, can feel familiar. The Fronx, on the other hand, breaks the mold with its futuristic design language. Sharp lines, sculpted bodywork, and LED headlamps make a bold statement, attracting a younger audience who crave something fresh and distinctive.

5. Value for Money:

Both vehicles offer competitive pricing, but the Fronx surprises with its generous feature set within its price range. This perceived value for money, coupled with the SUV allure, makes the Fronx an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers seeking a more versatile and adventurous ride.

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Variant Fronx (Ex-Showroom Price, Delhi) Baleno (Ex-Showroom Price, Delhi) Price Difference
Sigma MT (Petrol) ₹ 7.47 Lakh ₹ 6.61 Lakh ₹ 0.86 Lakh
Delta MT (Petrol) ₹ 8.26 Lakh ₹ 7.63 Lakh ₹ 0.63 Lakh
Zeta MT (Petrol) ₹ 9.23 Lakh ₹ 8.59 Lakh ₹ 0.64 Lakh
Zeta AT (Petrol) ₹ 10.08 Lakh ₹ 9.45 Lakh ₹ 0.63 Lakh
Alpha Turbo MT (Petrol) ₹ 10.29 Lakh
Alpha Turbo AT (Petrol) ₹ 11.49 Lakh
CNG Sigma MT ₹ 8.04 Lakh ₹ 7.77 Lakh ₹ 0.27 Lakh
CNG Delta MT ₹ 8.83 Lakh ₹ 8.73 Lakh ₹ 0.10 Lakh

Baleno’s Enduring Appeal:

While the Fronx steals the limelight, the Baleno remains a formidable choice. Its fuel efficiency, compact size, and proven reliability still resonate with those who prioritize practicality and urban commutes.

The Final Decision:

Choosing between the Fronx and Baleno comes down to personal preference. If you’re drawn to the thrill of adventure, desire an SUV’s versatility, and crave a fresh and feature-rich ride, the Fronx beckons. But if efficiency, practicality, and a timeless design are your priorities, the Baleno remains a dependable companion. Ultimately, take both for a spin and let the road guide you to your perfect Maruti Suzuki match.

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