Maruti Suzuki FRONX SUV makes new record, One Lakh Cars sold in only 10 Months

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The Maruti Suzuki FRONX SUV has carved its name in Indian automotive history as the fastest-selling passenger vehicle, reaching the 1 lakh milestone in just 10 months. This feat, achieved since its launch in April 2023, showcases the FRONX’s meteoric rise and its impact on the ever-evolving SUV landscape.

Maruti Suzuki FRONX SUV makes new record, sold One Lakh Cars in only 10 Months
Maruti Suzuki FRONX SUV makes new record, sold One Lakh Cars in only 10 Months

A Shape of New Innovation:

The FRONX’s success can be attributed to its unique “Shape of New” philosophy. Blending bold futuristic design with impressive ground clearance, advanced technology, and a commanding presence, the FRONX caters to the evolving preferences of urban SUV enthusiasts. It offers both a distinct personality and an engaging driving experience, resonating particularly with young customers who appreciate its tech-laden premium appeal and diverse powertrain options.

Market Domination & Customer Acclaim:

Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, emphasized the FRONX’s strategic role in bolstering their SUV segment presence. He highlighted, “FRONX has more than doubled Maruti Suzuki’s SUV market share to 19.7% in CY2023, compared to 10.4% in 2022.”

The FRONX’s appeal transcends design and technology. It caters to diverse preferences with a combination of modern aesthetics, premium features, and multiple powertrain options, including the popular 1.0L turbo Boosterjet engine for a spirited drive and the newly introduced S-CNG variant for eco-conscious buyers. The 24% contribution of automatic variants also signals a growing inclination towards convenience.

Global Ambitions & Made in India Pride:

The FRONX’s journey transcends the Indian market. Aligned with the government’s “Make in India” initiative, Maruti Suzuki has already exported over 9000 units to Latin America, the Middle East, and South-East Asia, underscoring its global appeal.

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Feature-Packed & Future-Ready:

The FRONX boasts advanced features like a Head-Up Display, 360 View Camera, wireless charging, and a large infotainment system with seamless smartphone connectivity. Its futuristic technology positions it as a vehicle designed for the modern driver.

The Maruti Suzuki FRONX’s rapid ascent in the Indian automotive market is a testament to its strategic positioning, innovative design, and cater to diverse preferences. It not only redefined the SUV segment but also solidified Maruti Suzuki’s position as the leading SUV manufacturer in India. With its global ambitions and focus on future-ready technology, the FRONX is poised to continue its winning streak and rewrite the rules of the automotive landscape.

Engines and specifications:

  • 1.0L K-Series Boosterjet petrol engine: 998cc, 101hp, 147Nm torque, available with manual and automatic transmission. The most powerful option, offering a sportier driving experience.
  • 1.2L K-Series DualJet petrol engine: 1197cc, 88.5hp, 113Nm torque, available with manual and automatic transmission. A fuel-efficient and affordable option for everyday driving.
  • 1.2L S-CNG engine: 1197cc, 76.43hp, 98.5Nm torque, available with manual transmission. This option offers the lowest running costs due to CNG fuel.


  • Length: 3995 mm
  • Width: 1765 mm
  • Height: 1550 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2520 mm
  • Ground clearance: 190 mm

Prices (Ex-showroom Delhi):

  • 1.0L Boosterjet Sigma MT: ₹7.46 Lakh
  • 1.2L DualJet Delta MT: ₹8.32 Lakh
  • 1.2L DualJet Zeta AT: ₹10.55 Lakh
  • 1.2L S-CNG Delta MT: ₹8.41 Lakh
  • The FRONX comes in 14 variants across the three engine options and two transmission options.
  • Features vary depending on the variant, but most include a touchscreen infotainment system, digital instrument cluster, automatic climate control, and LED headlamps.
  • The top-end variants offer features like a Head-Up Display, 360-degree camera, and sunroof.
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