14th National Voters Day Marks Celebration Across India with the Theme ‘Nothing Like Voting, I Vote for Sure’

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The 14th National Voters Day was celebrated nationwide, with President Shrimati Droupadi Murmu gracing the New Delhi event. The Chief Election Commissioner, Shri Rajiv Kumar, presented the first copy of the book ‘ECI Initiatives for General Elections 2024’ to the President. The event saw the launch of the logo and tagline “Chunav ka Parv, Desh Ka Garv” for the voter awareness campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2024.

Presidential Address:

President Smt. Droupadi Murmu applauded citizens for contributing to India’s status as the world’s largest democracy. She praised the Election Commission of India (ECI) for its pivotal role in successfully conducting numerous elections. With upcoming General Elections 2024 featuring 96 crore voters, the President highlighted the ECI’s meticulous planning, making Indian elections the world’s largest logistics exercise. She commended the use of technology, setting an example globally and emphasizing India’s commitment to progress.

14th National Voters’ Day Marks Celebration Across India with the Theme ‘Nothing Like Voting, I Vote for Sure’
The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu graced the 14th National Voters’ Day celebrations, in New Delhi on January 25, 2024.

President Murmu lauded ECI initiatives, including the “Chunav Ka Parv, Desh Ka Garv” campaign, promoting voter awareness and literacy. She appreciated the inclusion of electoral literacy in the national curriculum and efforts to engage young voters. The President concluded by stating that the young voters receiving their EPIC cards represent the future of India’s democracy.

Guest of Honour:

Guest of Honour, Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal, acknowledged the ECI’s significant role in India’s democratic journey since 1952. He highlighted the principle of adult suffrage enshrined in the constitution and the evolution of electoral processes through reforms.

Chief Election Commissioner’s Address:

CEC Shri Rajiv Kumar expressed gratitude for the trust of 96 crore electors, emphasizing it as the foundation for successful elections. He pledged the Commission’s commitment to providing the best experience for all stakeholders in the forthcoming Parliamentary Elections. Shri Kumar aims to make Indian elections a global benchmark, showcasing India’s electoral system as a gold standard worldwide.

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Election Commissioner’s Insights:

Election Commissioner Shri Anup Chandra Pandey acknowledged the growth in the electorate size from 17.32 crore to 96 crores. He praised the election machinery and award winners for their commitment to smooth elections.

Special Recognition:

Welcoming dignitaries, Election Commissioner Shri Arun Goel noted the strength derived from the Hon’ble President’s presence. He praised political parties for adhering to electoral norms, highlighting ECI’s role in simplifying electoral steps since 1950.

14th National Voters’ Day Marks Celebration Across India with the Theme ‘Nothing Like Voting, I Vote for Sure’
The President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu presented the Best Electoral Practices Awards for the year 2023 to the State and District level officers also important stakeholders including government departments and media organizations during the 14th National Voters’ Day celebrations, in New Delhi on January 25, 2024.

Awards and Recognition:

During the event, the Hon’ble President presented Best Electoral Practices Awards for 2023, recognizing outstanding contributions in different spheres of election conduct. Chief Electoral Office (CEO) Chhattisgarh received the Best Performing State award for the smooth conduct of elections in 2023.

Commemorative Stamp and Publications:

A commemorative postage stamp themed “Inclusive Elections” was released to celebrate the ECI’s 75th year. The first copy of the ECI Publication ‘Initiatives of ECI for Parliamentary Elections 2024’ was presented to the President. The book provides an overview of initiatives for free, fair, inclusive, accessible, and participatory elections.

Voter Awareness Campaign:

A short film titled ‘My Vote My Duty’ produced by ECI in association with filmmaker Shri Raj Kumar Hirani was launched to promote voter awareness. The film features celebrities conveying messages to evoke the spirit of democracy.

National Voters’ Day Multimedia Campaign:

A logo and tagline for a multi-media campaign for Voter Education and Awareness for Parliamentary Elections 2024 were launched.

The celebration of National Voters’ Day aimed to create electoral awareness and encourage citizen participation in the electoral process. The event showcased the magnitude of Indian elections, electoral reforms, technological advancements, and election management innovations.

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Former CECs, representatives of political parties, and international Election Management body heads attended the event. ECI national icon Rajkummar Rao also participated.

National Voters’ Day is celebrated on January 25 each year, marking the foundation day of the Election Commission of India (25th January 1950). The celebration’s primary purpose is to create electoral awareness and inspire citizen participation in the electoral process.

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