Parliamentary Panel on Defence Urges Equal Benefits for Agniveer Martyrs’ Families

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Parliamentary Panel on Defence: Families of Agniveers who make the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty could soon receive parity in benefits comparable to those accorded to regular soldiers, as recommended by a parliamentary standing committee on defence. The proposal, presented on Thursday, advocates for extending the same entitlements and support mechanisms to Agniveer families as those enjoyed by the next of kin of conventional military personnel.

Parliamentary Panel Pushes for Equal Benefits for Agniveer Martyrs' Families

Parliamentary Panel on Defence: Addressing Disparities in Compensation

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence’s latest report underscores the need for uniformity in compensatory measures for the families of fallen soldiers. Specifically, the committee emphasizes the importance of providing equitable financial assistance, including increased ex gratia payments, to mitigate the challenges faced by Agniveer families following the loss of their loved ones.

Bridge Gaps in Support Systems

In a bid to address existing disparities, the panel calls for enhanced sensitization efforts aimed at state governments to streamline the disbursement of ex gratia funds. Moreover, the report highlights the necessity of extending pension benefits to Agniveer families, aligning with the longstanding practice afforded to the families of regular soldiers, ensuring long-term financial stability.

Employment Opportunities for Agniveers

Beyond financial considerations, the committee advocates for tailored employment and skill development programs catering to Agniveers transitioning out of service. By facilitating access to job opportunities and skill enhancement initiatives, authorities aim to empower Agniveers with viable pathways for sustainable livelihoods post-service.

Call for Coordinated Efforts

Recognizing the fragmented landscape of support services, the committee stresses the imperative of fostering synergy among various stakeholders involved in veterans’ welfare. From coordinating centrally sponsored schemes to expediting medical reimbursements, concerted efforts are urged to optimize the delivery of assistance to retired soldiers and their families.

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Ensuring Accountability and Accessibility

In light of operational challenges encountered by veterans seeking medical treatment, the committee underscores the urgency of settling pending bills with healthcare providers. Additionally, stringent measures are recommended to address instances of hospitals refusing treatment to veterans, including blacklisting non-compliant facilities to safeguard the welfare of ex-servicemen.

Bridging the Divide

As the nation pays homage to its fallen heroes, the call for equitable treatment of Agniveer martyrs’ families resonates across the parliamentary corridors. With legislative recommendations poised to bridge the gap in support mechanisms, efforts are underway to honor the sacrifices of Agniveers with commensurate recognition and assistance, underscoring the nation’s unwavering commitment to those who serve with valor and dedication.

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