Indian Army Contemplates Converting HQ UB into XVIII Corps to Boost Border Security

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In a significant development, the Indian Army is deliberating the conversion of Headquarters Uttar Bharat (HQ UB) into the XVIII Corps, with a primary focus on bolstering border security along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China. This strategic maneuver is aimed at optimizing rapid deployment capabilities and enhancing operational efficiency.

Indian Army Contemplates Converting HQ UB into XVIII Corps to Boost Border Security

Considering the Proposal

Sources within the defense establishment have disclosed that the Indian Army is actively contemplating the transformation of the Bareilly-based HQ UB into a fully functional XVIII Corps, tasked with safeguarding the frontier regions with China. The proposal, which involves renaming the corps as the 18 Corps, is currently undergoing deliberations and is expected to be forwarded to the Ministry of Defense for approval shortly.

Former Army Commanders’ Support

The proposal to convert HQ UB into the XVIII Corps has garnered support from several former Army Commanders, including Lt Gen RC Tiwari, Lt Gen JP Mathew, and Lt Gen NS Rajasubramani. These distinguished military leaders have advocated for the restructuring of command, control, and operational frameworks to better address the evolving security dynamics along the LAC.

Restructuring for Efficiency

Recognizing the strategic significance of the middle sector, efforts are underway to reform the command, control, and operational structure to enhance functionality and efficiency during military operations. The proposed XVIII Corps aims to bolster India’s defensive capabilities amidst the ongoing border standoff with China in eastern Ladakh since May 2020.

Proposed Corps Structure

The envisaged XVIII Corps will comprise elements from all arms and services, with sufficient reserves to execute operations effectively within its designated area of responsibility. Typically, a corps consists of multiple divisions and brigades, each comprising thousands of soldiers tasked with specific operational objectives.

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Significance of the Initiative

The establishment of the XVIII Corps underscores India’s proactive approach to addressing security challenges posed by Chinese aggression along the LAC. By augmenting its operational capabilities and presence in the region, the Indian Army aims to maintain a robust deterrent against any potential threats or provocations.

Strengthening Border Security

With the creation of the XVIII Corps, the Indian Army will have a total of seven dedicated corps mandated for safeguarding the frontiers with China, up from five previously. This restructuring reflects the government’s commitment to bolstering border security and enhancing India’s defensive posture in the face of evolving geopolitical realities.

Prioritizing Quick Response

The decision to prioritize the establishment of the XVIII Corps underscores the government’s emphasis on improving the military’s quick reaction time, particularly in response to incidents similar to the Ladakh standoff. By deploying resources and infrastructure in key strategic locations, the Indian Army seeks to enhance its preparedness and responsiveness along the border.

As tensions persist along the LAC, the Indian Army’s initiative to convert HQ UB into the XVIII Corps signifies a proactive step towards ensuring national security and territorial integrity. By strengthening border defenses and enhancing operational capabilities, India aims to effectively counter any threats or provocations along its borders with China, thereby safeguarding its sovereignty and strategic interests.

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