Suzuki Recalls Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250, and V-Strom 250 Motorcycles

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Suzuki Motorcycles has issued a recall for its popular 250cc models, including the Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250, and V-Strom 250 SX. The recall stems from an issue related to the engine camshaft, specifically concerning abnormal wear of the exhaust cam lobe. This anomaly has been attributed to inadequate heat treatment during the manufacturing process of certain engine batches.

Suzuki Recalls Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250, and V-Strom 250 Motorcycles

Identifying and Addressing the Issue

According to reports, Suzuki is actively identifying the affected batch of engines and reaching out to the respective owners. The company has assured that the defective part will be replaced free of charge at Suzuki’s authorized service centers. The recall comes as a precautionary measure to prevent potential instances of sudden stalling and abnormal engine noises, which could compromise rider safety.

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Common Engine Configuration

All three motorcycles—Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250, and V-Strom 250 SX—are equipped with Suzuki’s renowned 249cc oil-cooled single-cylinder engine. Despite sharing the same powertrain, the recall underscores the importance of thorough quality control measures to ensure optimal performance and reliability across all models.

Previous Recalls and Ongoing Commitment

This marks the second recall for Suzuki’s 250cc lineup, with the first occurring in 2021 due to excessive engine vibrations affecting 199 units. The company’s proactive approach to addressing potential issues demonstrates its commitment to maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Transparency and Resolution

While the exact number of affected vehicles and the manufacturing timeline remain undisclosed in current reports, Suzuki’s transparent communication and swift action reflect its dedication to resolving any concerns promptly. Owners of the Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250, and V-Strom 250 SX can rest assured that Suzuki is prioritizing their safety and satisfaction.

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In conclusion, Suzuki Motorcycles’ recall of the Gixxer 250, Gixxer SF 250, and V-Strom 250 SX underscores the company’s commitment to ensuring the reliability and safety of its products. By addressing potential issues promptly and transparently, Suzuki reaffirms its dedication to delivering high-quality motorcycles that meet the expectations of riders worldwide.

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