Rolls-Royce Spectre EV Electrifies India: A Starry Night on Four Wheels, Price worth Rs 7.5 crore

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Behold, India’s crown jewel of electric mobility! Enter the Rolls-Royce Spectre, a behemoth of luxury gliding silently into the electric vehicle landscape. With a starting price of ₹7.5 crore (ex-showroom), it dethrones all contenders to reign as the nation’s most expensive EV. But fear not, dear reader, for beneath the astronomical price tag lies a celestial experience unlike any other.

rolls royce spectre luxury ev launched in india priced at rs 7.5 crore-1
rolls royce spectre luxury ev launched in india priced at rs 7.5 crore-1

A Galaxy of Starlight:

Forget sunro roofs, the Spectre paints the night sky across your ceiling with its Starlight Liner. Thousands of twinkling lights mimic constellations, casting a celestial glow upon the opulence within. And that’s just the beginning. The nameplate itself is a miniature cosmos, shimmering with over 5,500 star-like lights. Every detail whispers luxury, from the integrated rear seats seamlessly blending into the bodywork to the Phantom Coupe-inspired split headlamps that pierce the darkness like twin constellations.

Whisper-Quiet Performance:

But this celestial chariot is no mere ornament. Its soul hums with the silent thrum of two electricmotors, generating a godly 577 horsepower and 900 Nm of peaktorque. Despite its hefty 2,890 kg weight, the Spectre rockets from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 4.5 seconds, leaving even sports cars gasping in its electrified dust. Yet, this silent assassin treads softly, gliding up to 530 km on a single charge ( WLTP cycle), whispering its elegance across the land.

rolls royce spectre luxury ev launched in india priced at rs 7.5 crore
rolls royce spectre luxury ev launched in india priced at rs 7.5 crore

A Heritage Forged in Aluminum:

The Specter’s heart lies in its 102 kWh battery pack, nestled within the brand’s Architecture of Luxury, a bespoke aluminum spaceframe also gracing the Phantom, Ghost, and Cullin models. This platform grants the Specter its imposing presence, a rolling monument to Rolls-Royce’s engineering prowess.

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Yadur Kapoor, Dealer Principal of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars New Delhi, aptly captured the essence of this electrifyng phenomenon: “The Specter is, without a doubt, a true Rolls-Royce.” In a world increasingly clamoring for silence and zero-emission mobility, the Specter offers a glimpse into a future where luxury whispers its tale under a canopy of starlight.

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