Harley Davidson 440X Based (2024) Hero Mavrick 440: Unveiling Top 5 Highlights

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2024 Hero Mavrick 440: In a thrilling showcase at the Hero World 2024 event, Hero MotoCorp stole the spotlight by introducing a lineup of new bikes, among them the much-anticipated 2024 Hero Mavrick 440. This model, sharing its platform with the Harley Davidson 440X, brings its own distinctive identity to the forefront. Although the pricing details are yet to be disclosed, bookings are slated to commence next month, with deliveries expected to kick off in April 2024.

2024 hero mavrick 440
hero mavrick 440

For enthusiasts eager to learn more about this model, let’s dive into its standout features, exploring facets such as design, engine specifications, hardware, available colors, and the myriad of features that make this bike truly exceptional.

Feature Highlight Description
Design Bold Cruiser Looks Low-slung, elongated profile, truncated rear fender, round headlamp/fog lamp/H-shaped DRLs, Class-D projector headlamps, sculpted tank/shroud/Y-side cover
Variants & Colors Tailored Style Base (Arctic White), Mid (Fearless Red/Celestial Blue), Top (Phantom Black/Enigma Black)
Engine Thumping Performance 440cc air-cooled with oil cooler, 20.13 kW/27 bhp @ 6000 rpm, 36 Nm @ 4000 rpm, single-cylinder 2V SOHC, wet paper pleated clutch, 6-speed manual transmission
Hardware Stable Handling & Comfort Trellis Frame Body, Telescopic Front Fork (130 mm), Hydraulic Twin Shox Swingarm (130 mm), 110/70-17 (front) & 150/60-17 (rear) tires, 320mm (front) & 240mm (rear) discs, 13.5 L fuel tank
Features Modern Tech & Convenience All-LED lighting, negative display, smartphone integration, turn-by-turn navigation, gear indicator, 35+ connected features
  • Bookings open February 2024, deliveries start April 2024.
  • Price details not yet disclosed.
  • Sharing platform with Harley X440, but maintains unique identity.

1. Design

The Hero Mavrick 440 is characterized by a robust high-tensile steel trellis frame, showcasing a design reminiscent of the Harley X440, particularly at the front. Exuding classic cruiser vibes, the bike features a low-slung, elongated profile and a truncated rear fender. The inclusion of a round headlamp, fog lamp, and the distinctive H-shaped DRLs adds a touch of sophistication with a contemporary twist. The Class-D projector headlamps provide intelligent illumination, while the LED taillight contributes to the bike’s modern aesthetic.

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Upon closer inspection, the sculpted tank extensions, shroud, and Y-shaped side cover emphasize the bike’s sturdy metal construction and durability. The design seamlessly blends a hint of retro at the front with a modern edge from the side. The overall low-slung, stretched-out profile introduces a refreshing touch to the bike’s aesthetic appeal.

2. Variants and Colors

The Hero Mavrick 440 is available in three enticing variants: Base, Mid, and Top. Each variant offers a unique selection of colors. The Base variant sports an Arctic White hue, while the Mid variant allows you to choose between Fearless Red and Celestial Blue. The Top variant offers a choice between Phantom Black and Enigma Black. Whether you prefer a pristine white appearance, bold red or blue, or a sleek black finish, there’s a Mavrick 440 variant tailored to individual tastes.

3. Engine

Under the hood, the Hero Mavrick is equipped with a potent 440 cc air-cooled engine featuring an oil cooler. The engine unleashes a peak power of 20.13 kW/27 bhp at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 36 Nm at 4000 rpm. The single-cylinder engine boasts a 2V SOHC configuration with a bore and stroke measuring 79.6 x 88.4 mm and a compression ratio of 9.65:1.

In the handling department, the Mavrick incorporates a wet paper pleated type clutch system, specifically a multi-plate, wet-type, assist, and slipper setup. Shifting gears is effortlessly facilitated by the manual 6-speed transmission.

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4. Hardware

The Hero Mavrick features a robust Trellis Frame Body, ensuring a smooth and stable riding experience. The front suspension utilizes a Telescopic Front Fork with a cushion stroke of 130 mm, while the rear is equipped with a Hydraulic Twin Shox Swingarm, providing a comfortable ride with 130 mm of rear wheel travel. The bike rides on 110/70 – 17 tires in the front and 150/60 – 17 tires in the rear.

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Braking capabilities are facilitated by a 320 mm disc in the front and a 240 mm disc in the rear. The fuel tank, with a capacity of 13.5 liters, ensures an extended riding range without the need for frequent refueling.

5. Features

The Hero Mavrick 440 comes loaded with impressive features, including all-LED lighting with a sleek negative display, seamless smartphone integration for enhanced convenience, precise turn-by-turn navigation, and a useful gear indicator. With over 35 connected features, this bike is designed to make your ride smoother, more enjoyable, and highly connected.


The Hero Mavrick 440 stands out with its harmonious blend of classic cruiser aesthetics and modern features. While sharing its platform with the Harley X440, it carves out its unique identity. The array of color options and variants provides ample customization, and the powerful engine promises an exhilarating and memorable riding experience.

As we eagerly await the bike’s release, Hero MotoCorp’s Mavrick 440 promises a delightful fusion of style, power, and cutting-edge features for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Hero Maverick 440

What is the Hero Mavrick 440?

The Hero Mavrick 440 is a cruiser motorcycle introduced by Hero MotoCorp. It's part of the 2024 lineup and is known for its distinctive design, powerful engine, and modern features.

When was the Hero Mavrick 440 launched?

The Hero Mavrick 440 was unveiled at the Hero World 2024 event. Bookings are set to begin next month, with expected deliveries starting in April 2024.

What are the key design features of the Hero Mavrick 440?

The bike features a tough high-tensile steel trellis frame, a classic cruiser profile, a round headlamp with signature H-shaped DRLs, and a modern yet robust aesthetic. It comes in three variants: Base, Mid, and Top, each offering different color choices.

What are the available color options for each variant?

The Base variant is available in Arctic White, the Mid variant in Fearless Red and Celestial Blue, and the Top variant in Phantom Black and Enigma Black.

Tell me about the engine specifications of the Hero Mavrick 440.

The Hero Mavrick 440 is powered by a 440 cc air-cooled engine with an oil cooler. It produces 27 bhp of power at 6000 rpm and 36 Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. The engine is a single-cylinder with a 2V SOHC configuration.

What hardware features does the Hero Mavrick 440 have?

The bike features a sturdy Trellis Frame Body, Telescopic Front Fork for the front suspension, Hydraulic Twin Shox Swingarm for the rear suspension, and 110/70 - 17 front and 150/60 - 17 rear tires. Braking is facilitated by a 320 mm front disc and a 240 mm rear disc.

What are the unique features of the Hero Mavrick 440?

The Mavrick 440 boasts over 35 connected features, including all-LED lighting with a sleek negative display, smartphone integration, turn-by-turn navigation, gear indicator, and a USB port for added convenience.

How many variants does the Hero Mavrick 440 have?

The Hero Mavrick 440 comes in three variants: Base, Mid, and Top, each offering a unique set of features and color options.

Is the Hero Mavrick 440 suitable for long rides?

Yes, the bike is equipped with a 13.5-liter fuel tank, ensuring you can cover long distances without frequent refueling.

When can I book the Hero Maverick 440, and what is the expected delivery timeline?

Bookings for the Hero Mavrick 440 are set to start next month, with expected deliveries beginning in April 2024.
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