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Excitel Broadband Launched No FUP Limits ‘Unlimited’ Broadband Internet Plans

Excitel Broadband Launched No FUP Limits ‘Unlimited’ Broadband Internet Plans
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If you are heavy Internet user, the one thing that worries you the most is the FUP limit or the data usage cap that comes along with the Internet plan. The FUP limits set by the ISP restrict the Internet speed after they are exhausted under your plan. To cope up with this issue, Excitel Broadband, a broadband company that started its operations in Delhi some time back, is now offering unlimited broadband data plans at full speeds with no FUP limits. Besides Delhi, the company has announced its entry into its second operational city, Hyderabad with a ‘Welcome offer’.

Excitel Broadband in delhi

Under its ‘Truly Unlimited’ plans, the company claims to offer unlimited Internet without data or FUP limits, which means that there will be no restriction on the amount of Internet data that you’ll consume at full speed throttle. In Hyderabad, where the company has just entered, it is offering a discount of Rs. 200 on all its broadband plans, which are otherwise available at their original price in Delhi currently, under the ‘Welcome offer’ valid till July 31.

The Internet plans include three options depending upon the Internet speeds –

  • Rs. 695 per month for data at 50Mbps (Rs. 495 per month until July 31 in Hyderabad)
  • Rs. 845 per month for Internet data at 75Mbps (Rs. 645 per month until July 31 in Hyderabad)
  • Rs. 995 per month for the 100Mbps Internet data (Rs. 795 per month until July 31 in Hyderabad)
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Apart from the prices mentioned and the taxes, the company says there won’t be any hidden charges levied under its various plans. Moreover, if you are not content with the services, you can cancel the subscription at any point during the first month, and you will get your entire money back, the company adds. To provide high-speed unrestricted data, the company has made the use of ‘dark fibre’, which is running on 10 to 100 Gigabit per second. The optical fibre used is either FTTN (fibre to the node) or FTTB (fibre to the building).

Interestingly, after making a breakthrough in India’s telecom sector with its mobile services at rock-bottom prices, Reliance Jio is considering its foray into the broadband sector as well. To say the least, there is an eager wait for JioFiber to start its services in the country, which were earlier reported to be currently in the testing phase. Another ISP called ACT Gigabit, recently commenced its services in Hyderabad with 1Gbps Internet speeds, which the company claims is the first-of-a-kind Internet broadband service in terms of speed in the country.


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