Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro – Bend test, Scratch test, Burn test – Durability video

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro – Bend test, Scratch test, Burn test – Durability video
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So, I do durability tests on cell phones.

Its a fairly expensive hobby, but I enjoy it.

Most phones survive my tests.

but thereare a few that don't.

Like the Nextbit Robin, The Nexus 6P.


The HTC M9, andthe Xiaomi Mi 5.

Cell phone durability is important, and I enjoy reviewing the externaland internal construction of every phone.

Today we have the Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro.

Thelast time I tested a Xiaomi phone.

this happened.

So lets see if all Xiaomi phonesshare the same weak build quality.

This Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro is slightly smallerthan my Galaxy S7 Edge.

Like usual, lets start with the scratch test.

Not all glass is created equal.

I have a set of picks that let me know how hard, or scratchresistant the screen is.

Xiaomi doesn't brag about having gorilla glass on their phone,but as we can tell from the picks, this phone starts scratching at a level six.

Perfectlyon par with all of the major flagships like the iPhone 6s, and Galaxy S7.

The front camera lens is made by the sameglass as the screen, so thats good protection as well.

Lets see what the back is made of.

Judgingby the sound.

its metal.

You can see the silver flakes come off with my razor blade.

The fingerprint scanner is painted metal aswell.

I'm going to heavily scratch the scanner to see how well it holds up.

It still recognizedmy fingerprint and allowed me to set up the scanner, and still functioned at 100%.

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Whichis impressive compared to the Huawei P9 scanner that only worked half the time after gettingscratched.

The rear camera lens is made of glass.

Whichis definitely ideal for a cell phone.

I've found 3 phones so far that use a plastic lens,The front camera on the HTC M9, the rear camera on the Sony Z5 Premium, and the rear cameraon the Blackberry Priv.

A plastic lens is still optically clear, and does well enoughfor a camera lens, BUT it scratches a LOT easier than glass will, so it is not idealwhen used on a cell phone that is constantly sliding in and out of your purse or pocket.

So thumbs up to Xiaomi for using glass.

I can put it in my purse with confidence.

The top and rear of the phone is made of plasticI imagine that this is where the screw holes hide.

We'll find out when I do my repairvideo.

if this phone makes it that far.

The side buttons and sim card trey are madeof plastic.

which saves Xiaomi a ton on manufacturing costs, It is easier and cheaper to work withplastic than it is with metal.

and the low price of the phone reflects that discount.

But if you are looking for that ultra premium feel of metal or glass on the buttons.

thesebuttons wont have it.

You can compare the color of the plastic buttons with the silvermetallic body.

On to the burn test.

This shows how durablethis IPS LCD 720p screen is under extreme heat, as well as how thick the glass is.

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And mostly because I just like fire.

This screen lasted 14 seconds.

Which is prettyimpressive.

The pixels went black and turned off.

But unlike the Galaxy S7, this phonecompletely recovered.

The Galaxy s7 was left with a permanent white burn mark on the screen,that you can see at the beginning of this video.

Onto the bend test! If you haven't subscribedyet, but you want to see your next phone tested before you buy it.

now would be a good timeto hit that subscribe button.

It is free, and you can stay up to date on the durabilityof every new phone that comes out.

When I bend this screen, the screen flexesout of the back housing pretty far.

Far enough that the glass cracks on the screen.

BUT itdoes not flex enough to compromise the back housing, so the phone does not break.

If Xiaomiwere to attach the screen at a few more points along the side of the phone, it would havebeen perfect.

And the screen would not have cracked.

You can hear the phone vibrate inpain.

BUT the good thing we learn about this phone,is that the digitizer layer is not built into the top glass layer.

They are separate components.

Which means the phone is still completely operational on both sides of the crack.

Ifyou remember when I tested the UMI super phone, once the glass cracked.

the phone was notoperational because the digitizer, which was built into the top glass, was cracked as well.

So even with the cracked screen the phoneis fully operational, and will still most likely survive years of abuse from the averageperson.

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So if you are trying to decide between the the different Xiaomi phones the Mi5 ismore powerful.

but if durability is a factor in your life, you might want to consider theRedmi Note 3.

My snapchat followers got a snap story ofmy phone covered desk before this video was uploaded to you tube.

I do most of my behindthe scenes stuff on Twitter, Instagram and snap chat.

Thank you so much for watching! I really doappreciate it.

Subscribe if you feel like it! Its free! I hope to see you around.

Thanks for watchin'.

Source: Youtube

Author is Famous Technology and Automobile Journalist worked with esteemed Daily News Papers.

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