Digital Pen Portronics Electropen 4 for Wireless Writing Launched at ₹ 6,999

Digital Pen Portronics Electropen 4 for Wireless Writing Launched at ₹ 6,999
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Portronics has launched Electropen 4, a digital pen which comes as the latest addition to its existing series of smart pens aimed to act as a connecting link between the digital and analog world for the user.

The Electropen 4 allows the users to write on normal paper with normal ball-point pen refill. It is designed for digital and wireless writing for smartphones, computers, tablets and other Bluetooth devices. Users can write notes or prepare a sketch using the electronic pen and convert it to the real-time JPEG images into their smartphone, computer or laptop using the receiver provided with it.

The digital pen has an in-built flash memory to store A4 size pages and then sync/transfer them to the smartphones or laptops later on, eliminating the need to have a mobile device or laptop nearby when users are taking notes.

Additionally, this Bluetooth digital pen uses the microphone of the smartphone or laptop via an app that allows the users to record the audio while they take notes.

Digitalize Your Work Electropen4 is the perfect link between the Analog World and the Digital World. It uses normal pen refill and normal paper for note taking or sketching and converts these into real-time JPG images on the mobile, tablets and laptops. The Uniqueness of Electropen4 is that it allows the user to not only view the static JPG picture but also see the video of the entire process of taking notes or drawing a sketch; in the video format with a voice-over option.

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Free “MemoPlus” app on mobile devices and “Note Taker” app for Windows PC/laptop can be used along with this digital writing pen to be used for entire voice recording of the voices during a presentation or lectures. Using these apps, users can also record the entire process of preparing sketches as well and later on view it on the mobile or laptop.

Like a traditional note taking or sketching, one can also erase/edit the notes taken with or sketches made using Electropen 4.

Electropen 4 is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 and users also have the option to connect the Electropen 4 to Laptops / Desktops via wired connectivity.

The Electropen 4 is powered by a Li-Polymer rechargeable battery which also works for the receiver. It comes in black colour and weighs around 46.5 grams.

Portronics Electropen 4 is priced at Rs 6,999.



Last updated on March 21, 2019 11:34 pm
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Portronics-Electropen-Digital Pen

Portronics -Electropen digitally records and stores everything you write, sketch or draw on any surface, wherever you are. Whether you are a professional ...

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